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I’m a nerd at heart and decided this would be a fun way to share my astrophotography with everyone through galactic prints, artwork, and clothing.  Not everyone realizes what lies beyond our visible night sky. This is my way of showcasing photos of space while hoping to encourage more people to question what IS out there. Therefore, I created The Colorful Cosmos. We sell galactic prints and cosmic art and apparel for all ages.Here at The Colorful Cosmos, we offer unique stellar and galactic works of art including regular prints, acrylic and metal prints, and wall murals made from deep space astrophotography taken from amateur telescopes. Also, our collection of unique astronomy clothing from the cosmos is second to none. In our opinion this is the most beautiful clothing in the universe made from deep space images. We carry unique space hoodies, T-shirts, golf shirts, cosmic apparel, along with spectacular prints of the universe.

Not everyone gets the opportunity to gaze into the dark skies every night, but now you can, through my photos. I’ve spent more than 25 years capturing the cosmos for you.

We’re not James Webb or Hubble but we’re on Earth and want to show the world the beauty of deep space.

Let’s get spaced out together.