About Us

I’m a nerd at heart and decided this would be a fun way to share my astrophotography with everyone. Everyone wears clothes. Not everyone realizes what lies beyond our visible night sky. This is our way of showcasing photos of space while hoping to encourage more people to question what IS out there. This is why Hanson Astronomy created The Colorful Cosmos. We sell cosmic art and apparel for all ages.

Get spaced out!

I have been an astrophotographer for over a quarter century. I started out with a local group in Wisconsin, and soon realized the need to move to darker skies. We moved our equipment a few times and ended up in Animas, NM, where we ran our equipment remotely for many years. Then in 2020 we moved our equipment to El Sauce, Chile in the southern hemisphere.

My photos have been seen in the Albuquerque Museum and Astronomy Magazine, Sky and Telescope, and quite a few books and astronomy research papers. I have also had photos on NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) and in 2014 I was presented the first place award in the robotic telescope category through the Royal Observatory in Greenwich’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year.

I am also the owner of Algae Free, LLC, an aquarium products manufacturing company and Hanson Astronomy. I also work on setting up and performing ongoing maintenance on observatories and equipment of all sizes.

When I’m not working, imaging, or processing, I enjoy golfing

Some pictures of scopes and observatories used to create these images