Galaxies Galore Gigapixel Long

Galaxies Galore Gigapixel

The “Galaxies Galore 2”, a 4-gigapixel image is one of the largest collections of galaxies on one canvas with over 200 galaxies in a wonderful montage style galactic print. The individual galaxy images represent over 10 years of imaging  and in a sense will never really be finished as we will keep adding to it.

The full size massive 4-gigapixel montage is really a must see.



Mark Hanson

You can own it on your walls at home or in the office. Would be a great wallpaper for a kid’s room or man cave. A large metal print of this would look stunning on any wall. We also have the Galaxy Galore collection of clothing, with fantastic hoodies, T-shirts and other apparel and products.

If you would like a larger print or metal print go to our Fine Art section or follow these links:

Long version

Tall version



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