IC 1871 The Soul Nebula

“IC 1871 and SFO12 deep within the Soul Nebula”

“Zooming in on the northeastern part of the Soul Nebula, this image shows a few groups of bright rimmed globules that are collectively catalogued as IC 1871 (left) and SFO 12 (right). Their gaseous forms are sculpted by the UV radiation and stellar winds from many hot young stars in the star cluster associated with the Soul Nebula. The term “bright rimmed” arises from the side of the globules that are facing the ionzing source exhibiting bright rims as a result of the gas and dust becoming more compressed and denser and therefore brighter than the surrounding material. In the case of IC 1871 and SFO 12, they point towards the cluster situated West of them (not visible in image).

IC stands for “Index Catalog” and was the first major update to the NGC “New General Catalog”

SFO stands for “Sugitani, Fukui and Ogura”, the surnames of three Japanese astronomers who compiled the SFO catalogue of bright rimmed globules in HII regions. It was published in 1991 (northern hemisphere) and 1994 (southern hemisphere) by Koji Sugitani, Yasuo Fukui and Katsuo Ogura and has 89 in total.”

© Mark Hanson


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